Informations :                              SAS au capital de 500 000 Euros                                       SIRET   55200786600031  Code NAF :  3099Z
PINON is a company whose diverse skills allow him to master the purchase, export and circuits logistics to any destination. Its international development historically positioned on different continents (Europe, Africa, Asia). In 2014, its development on the American continent was hired. The company relies on its own manufacturing capacity in France and North Africa, as well as a vast network sites located mainly in Europe and Turkey. A Maintenance and monitoring parts logistics at your service : The Parts Division has the parts to keep your equipment working for you. We have an inventory all different parts to support your PINON equipment. Our computerized inventory allows us to monitor parts usage, give you a shipping date at the time your order is placed and maintain an ample inventory so you won’t have to wait. A high level team to your service : PINON company has a technical and commercial team experienced and whose sectoral expertise is widely recognized. Production costs are kept competitive through mass production, while maintaining the quality and reliability of our products. By its adaptability, our company can evolve its existing models or design new ones to meet the specific needs of its customers. Offices of the company PINON in France: HARDRICOURT : Headquarters / Administrative Services  16 rue du Vexin - 78250 Hardricourt - FRANCE Engineering / Sales Department 16 rue du Véxin - 78250 Hardricourt - FRANCE MEULAN: Manufacturing / Prototypes / Stocks / Maintenance of all kind of products : 78250 Meulan
PINON - 16 Rue du Véxin  -  78250 HARDRICOURT      Tél : 01 30 99 92 00  Fax : 01 30 99 92 17